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The cow has always been at the center of his work of art. Why ?

VanLuc’s artistic life is a surprise around the cow. He built his universe around this animal before discovering the real meaning of the letter A.


Why is the first letter of the alphabet a cow head on the sand ?

5000 years ago, in the South of Egypt, the phonogram A was represented by a cow head and also means « cow » in Hebrew - actually it was at the basis a simple triangle in reverse, making a reference to the Hator temple. 


His gallery in Arromanches-les-Bain, celebrated village in Normandy, is absolutely joyful!    French Detours is delighted to offer his one-of-a-kind works on metal.


Dimensions:  15 cm square - 6 inches square



Metal Painting "La Vache"

SKU: VanLuc
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