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About French Detours


Follow my self-guided itineraries to create your favorite memories. I will guide and teach you how to have the richest experiences, making travel easier and more fulfilling.


Meet Traci

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Board of Directors, French-American Chamber of Commerce Minnesota

Contributor, FRANCE magazine

Independent Travel Agent, Legato/Beaches & Dreams

Past President, American Association of Teachers of French Minnesota


Thanks to my French grandparents,  I knew I wanted to learn French from the age of 5 and I quickly became fascinated by all things French.  This passion has brought me so much joy, in the form of travel, friendships, adventure, and of course, shopping.  A former French teacher and French boutique owner, shopping in France has always been my favorite hobby!   I have such an appreciation for the love and pride that the artisans have in making their products, and am delighted to share these special finds with you in our online boutique.


My most treasured memories in France come from real connections I make with the people and places I visit:  a meaningful conversation with the locals - a fresh goat cheese flavored with herbs - a tiny village that I didn't know existed.  These are the types of experiences I want you to have in France as well.  It is my mission to provide travelers a different way to connect with France, exploring the various regions through the lens of  regional specialties and authentic experiences.



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Un Grand Merci

A huge thank you to:


Jose Calvo of Leety Films for taking on this project, for his talent in filmmaking, and for his friendship. 


Patrick Urvoy of Patrick Urvoy Photography for his beautiful photographs, and for putting me at ease in front of the camera.


Anthony Litaudon of AL Drone for his amazing footage vue du ciel, and for his friendship and promotion. (Need link)


FACCMN - for their constant support and promotion 


Jean-Benoit and Catherine Hugues of Moulin Castelas for  being the first to allow me to film,  for their endless support and promotion, as well as their friendship and hospitality.



And of course, Merci to YOU for following my adventures!  

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