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Provence:  for many it means the glitz and glamor of the French Riviera. Indeed the Côte d’Azur is part of Provence, and it is an incredible place to visit.  However just inland lies what I consider to be the heart of Provence.  Here we find more than 300 days of sunshine - the steady cadence of cicadas - lavender fields and olive groves - chalky white cliffs.  


It is a slow, easy pace, with a focus on enjoying life. The moderate climate means excellent produce crafted into fresh, delicious dishes. For centuries other cultures have come and left their mark. The language is more musical, the linens and spices a bit more exotic. Large cities exist, but the real magic is found in the small villages that pepper the ever-changing landscapes.


Parts 2 & 3 include Vaison to Ventoux and the Alpilles areas of Provence. If you wish to tour all special treasures of Provence, you can purchase all 3 parts at a special price with our Heart of Provence Package for $40.

Self-Guided Itineraries: Heart of Provence - Parts 2 & 3

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