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Classic is an extra-virgin olive oil and the result of blending the four typical olive varieties of the AOP Vallée des Baux de Provence. Cold extraction at Castelas Mill within 6 hours of harvesting retains the vegetal fruity character of the olive oil and preserves the subtle and complex features of Domaine CastelaS.


The 2017 vintage has a very fresh nose. Its aromatic persistence unveils an attractive palette of flavours: raw artichoke, almond, apple, and tomato plant. It is subtly bitter, with a peppery edge that appears after a few seconds in the mouth.


Classic is a delicate, complex and harmonious olive oil that is best drizzled directly on food. It expresses itself equally well on hot cooked dishes such as steamed vegetables, fish and fresh pasta, and on green salads, raw vegetables and cheese.

3 - Classic Olive Oil

  • These artisan oils will last for a year or even two unopened if left out of direct sunlight.  Due to the high cost of shipping fragile liquids,  we ship in packs of 3.  Want to mix it up?  Try one L'Aglandau, one Noir and one Classic.  Search "Variety Pack Olive Oils".

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