The Aglandau olive variety is the common factor in Provencal olive oils. Here it unveils its vibrant personality.


The 2017 vintage is a genuine fruit juice made from 100% cultivar aglandau. It is an elegant green fruity oil with a cut grass note followed by mint and row artichoke. The finish is a fine balance between bitter and pepper.


This olive oil is ideal with a roquette salad, on a fresh goat cheese or on a tomato toast. No need to add pepper!

3 - L'Aglandau Olive Oil

  • These artisan oils will last for a year or even two unopened if left out of direct sunlight.  Due to the high cost of shipping fragile liquids, ($12 for one bottle) we ship in packs of 3 ($14.35 for 3 bottles - shipping is included in the $95 price).  Want to mix it up?  Try one L'Aglandau, one Noir and one Classic.  Search "Variety Pack Olive Oils".