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invisible thread

It’s fascinating to me how we can arrive in a foreign place and immediately feel a sense of belonging.  There is a magnetic pull that compels us to return again and again. Somehow we feel more at home in this town or country; or at least more alive. 

For my sister it is New York.  She needs to go every year to feel complete and at peace in her soul.  For me, of course, it’s France.  A wider playground, to be sure, but as long as I am wandering on French soil, my heart is happy. 

“And isn’t it just so pretty to think all along there was some invisible string tying me to you”.  

I know Taylor Swift wasn’t talking about a destination, but I think it applies!  

Sablet in the Vaucluse, Provence

I remember driving from the Marseille airport to the tiny circular village of Sablet (near Vaison-la-Romaine) where we were to spend the month of July, 2005.   As we exited the autoroute and began driving through the departmental roads, a feeling of coming home swept over me, even though this was my first view of the Vaucluse.  The sensation is hard to explain, but it’s much like the excitement of Christmas morning combined with the joy of reuniting with a loved one after a long trip. 

I have felt it again and again,  but the place where every cell of my being comes alive is the well-appointed cabanon, with its view of the medieval village of Les Baux-de-Provence, nestled among the massive olive trees of Moulin Castelas.    But that is a story for next time … 

Where did this sense of belonging come from?  There are those who believe we lived in these places in past lives.  Others believe it is an ancestral calling.  Whatever the mystical reason for this attachment, I know that my calling to France, which I lovingly call “The Motherland”, has brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life.  Always hungry for more, I seek out more of these connections, even when I’m not in France.   

Over the years I have met countless others who share this intangible draw to the Hexagone, and in turn I feel an instant connection to them.  Years ago I started taking French classes to perfect my rusty French, and my classmates have become some of my most treasured friends.  Each one has her own love story with France; a spark that drew her in, the bond that developed, and the yearning to keep going back.  It was through this group that I originally heard of Ginny Blackwell, and then I discovered our invisible thread.   

Opening a new window to the world

Ginny has understood this attachment, this need to plant roots in a place we love for a lot longer than I have.  It began with a couple who wanted to find their dream home in France, but without the headaches that come when buying a place abroad.   She had the ingenious idea to create an American LLC and buy the house through this company.   As the couple didn’t want to live in France year-round, she found other couples with the same dream, so each family had just a fraction of time there. 


This concept appealed to so many, she  eventually had numerous properties in France and Italy.    Fractional ownership is not a time-share - each couple has ownership; they meet once a year to discuss the schedule and any maintenance or updates needed.   The dream is complete - a charming home in a village where there is lots to explore - nature, history, regional specialties, markets, and nearby towns and villages.  All of the things I love.  The thread that connects us.  

Is there a place you feel drawn to? Please share your story! 

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Feb 29

Un autre très beau texte et des photos à couper le souffle! Quelle merveille, Traci!


Feb 29
Replying to

Merci, Françoise! Tu as un lieu préféré ?

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