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Jacques Moniquet - Inventor of Shapes

You just have to meet him. He has a charisma and charm that can't be described, and his jewelry is like nothing I have seen before.


Tiffany's is known for timeless classics. The quality is exceptional, without question. I love the pieces I have purchased here, and will keep them forever.


When you walk into Jacques Moniquet's boutique and workshop, you see an array of jewelry with the same high standards of quality. What you don't see are security guards every 20 feet, or pieces that you have seen many times before.

Each piece is unique - a creation made with great attention to detail, and, dare I say it? Love!


Jacques is part blacksmith, part sculptor, part engineer, and of course an artist. This quiet, humble man simply loves to create. When he talks about his work, he gets a sparkle in his eye. His work keeps evolving and expanding, and you understand that there is no limit to what he can do. Then you find out that he has no formal training as a jeweler. None. He just has an idea, and puts it in motion.


It is easy to become overwhelmed with the choices! When Jacques explained that his seemingly "double" bracelets were one continuous piece of metal that crossed over but never touched, I was amazed and thought "this is my piece"! No one else makes this shape. Stunning and unique. Love at first sight. Until I tried it on. The bracelet was exquisite, but not the right size and shape for my wrist. "You have to try them on", he explained. The bracelet chooses you as much as you choose it! "You will wear this for 50 years", he went on to say, testimonials from past experience. I found many bracelets, necklaces and rings that were stunning, and fit me well, but chose just one, deciding it is a good excuse to keep coming back to expand my collection. And yes, it is an Infiniti piece - one piece of metal, thick then thin, crossing over, but never quite touching. Exquisite. Timeless. Classic. And it fits as if Jacques made it just for me. Until next time!

(Jacques is considering selling his pieces in our online boutique, but hesitates because the selection process is so individual. For now, plan your trip to his workshop at the base of the village of Les-Baux-deProvence.)


Find the Boutique and Workshop at:

​Chemin départemental 78 f 13520 Les Baux de Provence FRANCE

Tél. +33 (0) 4 90 54 32 64

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