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Bonne annee 2021

Wishing you great adventures in 2021

Every year I like to take stock of the past year - observe the highs and lows - and see what I have learned and how I have grown. Admittedly, there were a lot of lows. Like, A LOT. But there were also many blessings sprinkled throughout. If we look deep enough. Staying home was a great opportunity to pause and reflect on what is truly important. For me it was was a time to focus on family, friends, health and my passion for all-things-French. I weeded out the activities and people who no longer brought me joy (Merci, Marie Kondo). Then I took the extra time I had to fix the cracks in my sidewalk, so to speak - to work on the tasks that needed some tending to, but often were overlooked in my "busy-ness". I cherish the time I had to reflect and reorganize, to plan and prepare for new adventures on the horizon.

So now we enter 2021 -

with some apprehension.

Will we get a handle on COVID19, or will it get worse? Will we be able to travel? What can we expect in this new year? This new decade?

One thing I learned this year is to take one day at a time. That we are resilient, and can handle anything if we remain grounded and positive. That there is always something to be grateful for. ALWAYS.

What's the word?

Several years ago I adopted the fairly popular practice of choosing a word to guide me through the new year. (It seemed much more doable than New Year's resolutions!). This practice has actually been pretty profound for me. It seems that every year the word takes on more significance. In 2020 the word I chose (or that chose me!) was "connect". Hmmm - who knew that a world-wide quarantine was coming! Cruel twist of fate? Actually, not at all! Being stuck at home allowed me opportunities to really connect with people in new ways. Zoom meetings made it easier for me to participate in classes and events I wouldn't normally be close enough to attend. I sought out French expats in the US with incredible backgrounds and businesses. And I found so many kindred spirits who share a love for all-things-French. Miraculously I connected with many people in France as well! "Connect" was the perfect word to help me through what could have been a very isolating year.

Choosing a word for the new year can be daunting. I have learned to wait and let it come to me when the time is right. My word for 2021 is Authentic. I am looking forward to the growth, personally and professionally, that this guiding word will bring!

New Year - New Ideas

As I set my goals for this unpredictable year (in pencil - I'm no fool!), I came up with some fresh and fun ideas!

  1. New Vendors - I have already found amazing new artisans to partner with, so you can get the best France has to offer, even if you can't travel abroad. This list will keep expanding throughout the year.

  2. Region of the Month - As there are 13 super regions of France, and 12 months in the year, I will focus on one region per month (and sprinkle Corsica in occasionally - hey, it's a small island!). This way, all of my social media and blog posts will be easier to follow and be organized for easy reference.

  3. I will be offering Classes and Workshops on various topics

  4. New Videos will be coming as soon as the borders open up safely!

  5. More surprises to come!

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy 2021! May you have adventures, big and small, that allow you to grow and prosper!



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