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Best bordeaux bites

Free samples: Don't we miss them?!

It was a divine right we had come to treasure - grazing while strolling through a gourmet food shop. So many samples: sweet, savory, spicy ... always new flavors we had never experienced before! And then, Covid put an unsavory end to our gourmandise. We could look, but not touch, and certainly not taste!

Gourmet grocery store
Best Bites of Bordeaux - L'Echoppe de la Lune

A gourmet food shop always warrants a detour - especially in France. I can't resist wandering down each aisle, pouring over each jar, can, cellophane package or bottle. There are unique artisan treasures to be enjoyed, and I don't want to miss any of them!

Walking along the Garonne River in Bordeaux in 2018, I was lured into L"Echoppe de la Lune. by pretty shelves lined with mysterious treasures. Bordeaux may be world-renown for its wines, but there are plenty of tasty morsels to bite into as well. Anna Pedelaborde, owner of this épicerie fine (gourmet shop) knows each hand-selected item inside and out. She can tell you about the taste, the ingredients, how to serve it, and even about who made it! Her shop is a feast for the senses, and proudly displays products from the area around Bordeaux.

Sampling the Sarments du Medoc


L’Echoppe de la lune est une épicerie historique et gourmande. Redécouvrez Bordeaux à travers l’Histoire des spécialités bordelaises qui y sont nées depuis 1755 jusqu’à nos jours.

Du sucré au salé, du produit classique au plus original, vous trouverez tous les produits de Bordeaux pour vous faire plaisir ou offrir des cadeaux locaux.


L'Echoppe de la lune is a historical and gourmet grocery store. Rediscover Bordeaux through the history of the Bordeaux specialties that date from 1755 to the present day.

From sweet to savory, from classic to most original, you will find all the Bordeaux products to please you or to offer as local gifts.

We may not be able to sip and savor in this pretty little shop, but Anna has graciously sent us a sampling of her Bordeaux favorites to enjoy this holiday season.

Let's see what merveilles are tucked inside this limited edition coffret.

Le Biscuit aux cannelé de Bordeaux

The cannelé is the star pastry of Bordeaux. A small French patisserie flavored with rum and vanilla, it has a soft custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust. It is in a cylinder shape, with a scalloped edge providing just the right amount of texture. They come in 2 sizes, but sadly, don't keep very long! (For me, they didn't even make it down the street, but perhaps because I couldn't help devouring them!). Anna has found a local artisan who makes cookies with this tantalizing taste to take home and share, or not!

Les Perles du Médoc

The famous Bordeaux grapes are dried, then soaked in peach and apricot syrup before being covered in a rich, dark chocolate.

Les Sarments du Médoc

In1969, Mademoiselle de Margaux's chocolate factory, located in the heart of the Médoc, was making chocolate sticks when the machines got wrapped up, distorting the chocolate. Their sinuous shapes were reminiscent of vine branches. Et voilà - the Sarments du Médoc were born! We love the subtle infused taste of orange in these crunchy sticks.

Les Bouchons de Bordeaux

I wonder how many corks Bordeaux goes through in a year?? An iconic emblem of this city of wine, the "cork" or "bouchon" has been made into a crunchy almond cookie with a soft, almond paste center. A festive bite to accompany any glass!

Thé "Bonne Année"

Wine isn't the only thing to sip in Bordeaux! Chris'Teas makes the richest, most flavorful teas. And since we are all hoping for better things in 2021, why not a "New Year's Tea" to ring in this new decade? This special blend is available only for a limited time!

This Limited-Edition Gift Basket is $63 for local pick up (Twin Cities area) or

$69 with delivery to the continental US.

While supplies last

Anna and her staff wish you a Bonne Annee 2021!

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