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In 1978,  Pierre Boudin chose the company name for the family-run textile printing company from a collection of poems "Les Olivades", by Frederic Mistral.

From the 1980s, his sons Jean-Francois and Jacques helped by their mother Paule, the Creative Manager, developed the company to make the name Olivades internationally renowned.   The company is, to this day, managed and lead by Jean-Francois and his family whose aim is to continue their ancestors' art of printing onto fabric in the South of France, while adapting it to modern day life.  


Olivades is today the only company in Provence to continue this tradition of printing onto fabric, which began in Marseille as early as 1648.   

With the help of his 3 sons, Nicolas, Antoine and Philippe, Jean-Francois Boudin has chosen to steer Olivades in a decidedly contemporary direction.   


 "Our vision is to provide a lifestyle infused with the coulours and character of Provence." 

art de la table 

art de la table 

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