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Discovering the best of France was never this easy

Your guide to the regional specialties and hidden gems of France.

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It's easy to find the tourist destinations, but what if you crave a more authentic experience?  Each of the 13 regions of France has its own unique feel.  Our self-guided itineraries lead you to the best that each region has to offer. 


Take a Detour, 
and create your 
best travel memories.

On y va?

Stay in Nice in the comfort of our luxurious apartment!

Capture the essence of France with stylish gifts and olive oils - all from French artisians

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We have the perfect gift for that someone you know who loves all-things-French


I look at travel through a different lens, focusing on
regional specialties and authentic experiences - Traci 


Learn more about the hidden gems that elude most tourists.  Our events provide essential travel tips to ensure the trip of your dreams.  Language, culture, experiences and shopping - we teach it all!

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Dec 15-23

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"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as well as a person"

Alec Waugh
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