"Who hasn't dreamed of escaping to a cabana in the Bassin of Arcachon, to live to the time of the tides, eat oysters and watch the time pass on the island of birds.  The simple joy of life."  - Marguerite


"I adore this scarf because it's contradictory. The cold night colors behind of the red of the birds, so warm, make a strong and successful effect. I wear it with jeans and a white shirt." - Elodie



We create French high quality scarves

MADE IN FRANCE, 100 % silk


Imagined by our designer Marguerite d'Amat,

our scarves are created in Lyon,

the historic traditional birthplace of the French silk trade,

with the best traditional know-how.

For the lovers of France, our designs talk about

French history, heritage and culture.

 The French style to wear silk !


90x90 cm



Price includes $170 for scarf plus $20 shipping 

Silk Scarf BASSIN D'ARCACHON - Bordeaux Collection

SKU: FFArcachon
  • You may hand wash in warm water with soap specifically for silk.  Delicately pass scarf in water for 2-4 minutes, but do not completely submerge - do not scrub or brush.  Next rince and press out water by pushing scarf against the base of the sink.  Do not twist or wring.   Dry flat on top of a white towel.  Do not hang, put in dryer,  or put in direct sunlight.  Do not iron. 


    Other advice:


    Do not put perfume, lotion or cream in direct contact with scarf.   Be sure to unknot as soon as possible after wearing and lay flat or fold in square to avoid harsh wrinkles.   Keep scarf out of sunlight and dust for best results.