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Poécile Parfum

Eden Volcanique

A fresh woodland inspired by the Auvergne mountains and forests, and their narcissus

Eau de parfum concentred to 15%

50 ml


Getaway in Auvergne

Let yourself be carried away by the landscapes of Auvergne, crisscross the

undergrowth of these century-old forests. Appreciate the freshness of this cocoon

delicately resting on your skin. Gather the narcissus whose sudden beauty fills your

soul. Climb the hills where a vast breathtaking silence reigns and breathe the pure air

like a promise of embraces at the top of the volcanoes.


Poécile Parfums are inspired by French landscapes.

Parfum $75

Shipping $10

Poécile Parfum - Eden Volcanique

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