Each Lazy Susan is one-of-a-kind creation by Hervé & Pascaline Brisepierre.  They are 39cm (15.35") in diameter, and made from exotic, precious wood, copper, brass, goldleaf, silver, horn, ivory, bones, date, olive our peach nuts... seashell, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, coral and other semi-precious stones.  Provencal inspired.  


Unique craftsmanship, using the technique of inlay on wood.  This original art piece represents the smallest works of art in wood the Ateliers BriZepierre have made and are sort of sketches before making larger masterpieces.  Each piece of art is a single and unique piece and can't be done twice.


This Lazy Susan ships from France to all over the world via USP Priority Mail, and includes confirmation number and insurance.  ($45 additional cost)


Available and ready to ship for a gift or for your home decor!

Lazy Susan - Category 2

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  • Because each piece is unique, please contact us by email or phone to place your order so we are sure to get you the exact piece you desire.