Let yourself be rocked by the dance of Arlésienne, the farandole, at the mercy of the rambling thread of the precious pieces of wood.  


Since the age of 16, Ateliers BriZepierre's daughter Morgane has developed a specfic technique to make these beautiful and elegant figurative art pieces.


Living in the heart of Provence, she has been inspired by this typical character of Provence: l'arlésienne, illustrated by Léo Lelée and painted by Van Gogh.  "Farandole" means the typical Provençal dance from the South of France ... women are dancing with sensuality and poetry.


This is a unique handmade wood board made from a solid piece of wood and scrap, but precious wood pieces have been then inlaid and polished thoroughly to bring out the character of the wood.  


This ingenious technique uses woods such as Birch, Walnut, Cedar, Elm, Madagascar Rosewood, Poplar Burl, Cherrywood, Orange wood, Maple, Mahogany or Boxwood, which allows playful color and contrast.  The farandole displays a very relaxing and harmonious movement - the arlésiennes seem to be released.  


104x26x3 cm




These boards ship from France to anywhere via UPS Priority Mail and includes delivery confirmation number and insurance.   (Fee quoted upon order) 





Farandole Collection - #6 Elm

SKU: 6-5F
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