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An amazing trio!  


Get one bottle each:


Cedrat (a type of lemon that pairs well with fish, veggies, most everything!)


Ail (garlic - need we say more?)


Basilic/Menthe - basil/mint - you can SMELL the fresh herbs!  Put this on everything for summer - berries, veggies - caprese salad ....


The reason these oils are so flavorful is that they are NOT "flavored" oils!  The fruit and herbs are crushed along with the olives so they are truly infused into the oil from the beginning.  

3-Variety Flavored Oils

  • These artisan oils will last for a year or even two unopened if left out of direct sunlight.  Due to the high cost of shipping fragile liquids, we ship in packs of 3. Try the variety pack, or choose your favorite and order 3 at once.

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