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Sweet Lavender Dreams

It seems like a scene from a fairy tale - a stone house dotted with climbing rose bushes, a cat taking a sun nap near the nearby koi pond, and rows of lavender fields.

This is where Elsa spends her time, breathing new life into a Provençal tradition originating in the 18th century.

The Tradition

Each summer, the Provençal locals would weave fresh lavender together with ribbon, then place them in their cupboards and chests to perfume their linens and protect them from moths. The lavender wands where also part of the brides dowry, as a symbol of love and happiness.

In Provence, the 46th wedding anniversary is celebrated with lavender, so these wands make the perfect gift.

How do I get one?

Of course you can buy a wand from Elsa, (or our online boutique) but if you are up for a beautiful afternoon surrounded by intoxicating lavender in an idyllic setting, consider a workshop to make your own. Gather some friends, and go to her enchanting "farm", or she will bring everything to your hotel or guest home:  colorful satin ribbons, freshly cut lavender, and her "savoir-faire". Enjoy a picnic or afterward, and keep your wand as a souvenir of Provence.  The scent of the wand will last about 4 years, after which time you can simply add a few drops of lavender oil in the center to refresh it for months to come!   

In addition to her lavender wands, Elsa makes lavender pillows. (These work so well on the plane!) She also sells lavender oil and decorative diffusers and candles. (Finally a solution to that 2 am wake up as you get used to the time change!)

Beautiful. Traditional. Authentic. I can't imagine a better way to spend an afternoon. Merci, Elsa!

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