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père noël or grinch

Two holiday icons - two polar opposites. Which do you align with?

Some of us have an inner Père Noël. Gifting is our love language, and throughout the year we have tucked away presents that seem just perfect for that special someone. We are filled with joy at the prospect of shopping and wrapping, knowing the delight it will bring the recipient.

For others, this season brings a feeling of dread. It's not that you have an inner Grinch, but rather that shopping seems tedious or overwhelming.

Whether you feel joy or panic, Christmas markets may be the answer!

There is something special about wandering through a market. Each stand is festive, and has its own theme, making it much easier to target the things that speak to you. The stalls feature unique items, which make them perfect for gift-giving. Also, there is usually vin chaud, or hot wine, to make the experience all the more pleasant.

The biggest Christmas markets in France are in Alsace (especially Strasbourg), and in Provence. It is definitely something to put on your bucket list, but if this isn't the year, we have some other options for you.

November 13-14

With Halloween behind us, the countdown to Christmas is on. Let the shopping begin! Why wait for the massive crowds and picked-over products of Black Friday? Fresh off the plane from France, French Detours has a collection of treasures you won't find anywhere else in the US! Mais oui, I align with Père Noël, as gifting is indeed my love language. It gives me great joy to flâner les boutiques (browse the shops) to find unique, lovely things we just don't have at home. Shopping-addict? Perhaps, but I do it all for the greater good - so you can give the perfect cadeaux.

Throughout my travels, I am on the lookout for regional specialties and artisan products. This year I have been to Brittany, Burgundy, Provence and Corsica. Artisans and boutique owners share my passion for beautiful products, and conversation begins to flow. Often they are happy to share their products. This year I am thrilled to offer things that I have never seen before. What can you expect? In addition to the award-winning Castelas Olive Oils you have come to love, I have art de table, baby gifts, soaps, accessories, culinary delights ... and of course, those hard-to-find Dijon mustards!

Literally a day before I land in the US, I make a final stop in Paris for the incredible convention "Made in France". This salon fills the convention center with products that are proudly made in France, with all of the quality that ensures. It is organized by region, allowing shoppers to cover the hexagon in just a day or two! Boxes have been shipped home, and my suitcases are full.


Everything you find at my Christmas Market (and my summer market) is the real deal, and I am proud to represent the artisans and boutiques that graciously share with us.

The Nitty Gritty

Sunday, November 13 from 2-6

Monday, November 14 from 4-8

(or by appointment Sun/Mon)

24600 Emerald Lane

Lakeville, MN 55044


Orders can also be placed via phone appointment and picked up the week of December 15th.

Quantities are limited - book an appointment or shop early for best selection.

A Special European Market

We are very fortunate to have a European Christmas market in St Paul, Minnesota as well. While my Christmas market takes places indoors, you can get all of the ambiance (aka snow, cold...) of the Strasbourg market at the Union Depot in St. Paul. It is indeed lovely!

Opening Day: Black Friday, November 25, 2022 and runs Friday-Sunday until Sunday, December 18, 2022

Friday Hours: 4 PM – 9 PM

Saturday Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Sunday Hours: 11 AM – 6 PM

Location: Union Depot at 240 East Kellogg Blvd. St Paul, MN 55101

It is our sincere pleasure to help you find your inner Père Noël! See you soon!



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