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"Mai, oui" inspire you?

Mais oui! Say yes to an inspiring May!

May is an easy month to love, as it usually ushers in spring! Let this calendar of events inspire you.

Le Premier Mai - La Fête du Travail

May begins on a high note - with a holiday! In France, Labor Day is May 1st. Laborers used to wear a red triangle on their lapel as a symbol of the 3 divisions of time in a day: work, sleep and leisure. Over the years, the triangle has been replaced with the muguet, or Lily of the Valley, following a tradition started by Charles IX who offered this symbol of renewal on May 1st as a token of "bonheur" and good luck. May you have a very merry month of May!

Mother's Day - La Fête des Mères

We are always inspired by our mothers - in one way or another! While Americans celebrate Mom on the second Sunday in May (May 8th this year), the French celebrate Maman on the last Sunday of the month (le 29 Mai).

Your mom is unique and special, so treat her to a gift that is unique and special as well! We are delighted to have a limited edition gift box from Nice by the French Riviera Girls.

A special note to the mothers out there - May is a great month to travel, so why not take the kids mid-month and celebrate both here and there? (I admit to trying this in the past! I will miss May 8th here this year but will spend the 29th with my son in France - more on this to come ...)

Victory in Europe Day - May 8

May 8, 1945 was the unconditional surrender by German troops, signaling the end of WWII. Whether you are in the US or in Europe, it is a day worth celebrating freedom.

Later this month ....

As I head out to France this week, I am delighted to be front and center to the exciting events happening on the French Riviera.

Festival de Cannes

The 75th Festival de Cannes will take place from May 17-28.

I have always loved films, so being in Cannes for the Festival will be amazing! My son and I will be in the crowd, scanning the red carpet for international stars. French actor Vincent Lindon will serve as President of the Jury, composed of 8 other members from around the world. (American director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols will represent the US).

Tom Cruise will be returning 30 years after his last visit for a tribute to his career. He will take part in an on-stage conversation with journalist Didier Allouch on May 18 before the world premiere of Paramount Pictures’ Top Gun: Maverick, will play as a special screening.

I am especially excited to see the film "Father & Soldier" by director, screenwriter and cinematographer Mathieu Vadepied, starring Omar Sy, Alassane Diong and Jonas Bloquet. It is about the Senegalese infantrymen who had to leave their country and fight for France in World War I.

If you are wondering what tourists can do at the Cannes Film Festival, the short answer is not much. There are public outdoor movie screenings in the evenings, which we hope to take part in. Otherwise there will be just a lot of star gazing!

We will be posting on Instagram (@frenchdetours) as the action unfolds! Stay tuned!

Monaco Grand Prix

May 26-29

Have you seen "Drive to Survive" on Netflix? I admit that I wasn't really "into" racing, but my son inspired me to watch it, and now I am hooked! It is like Bravo TV for men - complete with wealth, luxury and lots of drama. There are 10 Formula 1 teams, each with 2 drivers. Netflix does a great job at introducing you to the drivers, and also to the "Principals" who lead each team. This way you can pick your favorites, and follow them through their ups and downs. I recommend having your phone handy as you watch, because you will have a ton of questions for Google like, "how long does a pit stop take" (roughly 2.5 seconds), etc. I have learned so much, and am now a die-hard fan!

Since my son and I will be in Nice during this time, we got tickets to the race on May 29th, which also happens to be La Fête des Mères (a nice coincidence, non?) We will be watching the 78 laps and cheering on our favorite drivers (Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz for Ferrari, as well as Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes and Daniel Ricciardo for McLaren). We will keep you posted on Instagram! Let me know who your favorites are!

Mais oui, there is much to celebrate this month! Amusez-vous bien!



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