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goals: france 2020!

Bonne Année !

It's a new year, with new goals and of course new travel plans! I hope France is on your list!

France awaits!

Whether you are planning a trip, or just in the dreaming stages, I am launching a new platform on Facebook and Instagram to help you along your way. Every day of the week will be dedicated to a theme, allowing you to fill your vision board and make your dream trip come true!

Monday = Manger

Manger means "to eat". You know by now that I am passionate about regional specialties, most of them involving food! Every Monday I will feature some type of French cuisine - a recipe, a specialty, a restaurant ... you get the idea. It's a great way to start the work week, non?

Salade Nicoise

Tuesday = Travel Tips

Traveling abroad can be intimidating. What is your biggest challenge? On Tuesdays we will cover all kinds of topics - from packing to hotels to transportation - to help you plan and make the most of your trip. If there is a question or topic you want to cover, please let me know! I am sure there will be lively discussions!

Packing tips ...

Wednesday = Mercredi

Wednesday is hump day - mercredi in French. Mercredi is also the word used to avoid the popular swear word merde, which means roughly "shit". It also means "good luck", depending on context, of course! Anyway, I decided that mercredi will be a day for me to post whatever the heck I want! Sometimes it will be a picturesque village, other times it may be an unusual site or activity - I am going to keep you guessing! But it will be fun and inspiring to get you over the weekday hump!

Thursday = Jeudi

Thursday is jeudi in French. "Jeu" is the word for "game", so you guessed it, jeudi will be game day! French trivia, obscure riddles, maybe even some French language questions ... the possibilities are endless! When you answer correctly you will be entered into the drawing for a prize at the end of the month!

Friday = Featured Frenchie

I have met so many French expats in the US, some of whom have become close friends! I always ask where they lived in France. Of course they are experts on their hometowns! Locals have the best travel tips and can help us find places that tourists would not discover on their own. They are the key to unlocking memorable authentic experiences. Every Friday we will meet someone new who will share their favorite places, travel tips and let us know where to find them in the US. Their photo, along with a short excerpt, will be on Facebook and Instagram, but the entire interview will be in a blog post.

Where do I find all of this?

Beginning at the end of the January, these weekly themes will be on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us @frenchdetours . Every Friday the featured interview will be added as a Blog Post on this website. Throughout the week I will pick one topic to expand on as blog post as well, so topics will vary. Please consider subscribing so you don't miss a thing! Did you know that we also have a YouTube Channel?

Please share your comments!

Wishing you all great adventures in 2020!

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