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Friday Feature:

Frederic Posine of KFAI Radio

I had the pleasure of meeting Frederic when I was a guest on Bonjour Minnesota, the French broadcast on KFAI Radio. A labor of love, Freddie and his co-hosts Romain Lorentz and Adrien Carretero, all expats, broadcast French music and culture on Tuesday evenings from 8-10 pm CST. Frederic is passionate about all he does, and is well-known in the Twin Cities.

Where did you grow up in France?

Paris, France. 2nd Arrondissment (Le Sentier / Montorgueil) from birth to 11 years old and 1st Arrondissment (Les Halles) from 11 to 28. My dad and paternal grandfather were also Parisians. Including my brother, we all went to the same Elementary school (grades 1-5). In France you are considered "real Parisians" at 3 generations. I broke the mould when I moved here, but my brother also moved out to the country.

What is there to see and do in your area? What are the “musts” for someone visiting the area?

A Lot. I’d say Le Louvre is a must, but one thing I am a big fan of are Les Passages Couverts.

What are the regional specialties in your hometown? What is your region known for?

Everything is there. Art, music, sites, museums

Do you have favorite restaurants you want to share?

Do you have a favorite family recipe you would like to share?

Hachis-Parmentier, which is like a Shepherd's Pie.

Click on the link for the recipe and complete instructions.

What brought you to the US and what do you do now?

My ex-wife is from Minnesota. We met in Paris in 1999 and she needed to finish her College Degree at the U of M. She asked if I would go with her and I said yes. We got married in Paris and move to Minneapolis in 2000. I am currently a Business Analyst for an Insurance Carrier. I also volunteer at KFAI and host / co-host 2 French radio shows. And I sometime help translate / interpret in French for the Advocate for Human Rights for Asylum Requests. I currently live in St Paul and I have 2 boys who are not bilinguals.

When you go back to France, what is a “must” for you - see, do or eat!

Escargots, fois gras, hachis-parmentier, croquet monsieur, riz au chocolat, mousse au chocolat.

Do you have any other advice or travel tips for Americans going to France?

- Greetings are essential, especially in a busy city like Paris. If you barge in without saying Bonjour or Excusez-moi, you might not get what you want / need.

- Avoid rush hour.

- Buy your tickets in advance if you can but not too much in advance (1 day or 2). I would have saved about 1.5 hour if I bought my tickets on line. It is a different line for security and you skip buying. Also, you can get a ticket up to the top when buying on line but not on site (sucks but that might have changed).

- Watch out for pick pockets, beggars and drunks. Be alert / wary at all time.

Un grand merci à Frederic! Thank you for sharing your favorite places and flavors, and for all of your practical tips! You can find Freddie on Bonjour Minnesota on Tuesday evenings. Bonjour Minnesota features music and culture from France and francophone countries. Program are often centered on significant dates and special dates are highlighted: Valentine’s Day with music about love; Christmas music in December.

Find Freddie and Bonjour Minnesota on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @BonjourMinn. You can also download the KFAI app so you can listen anywhere, like I do when I am in Arizona!

You can contact them at We hope to feature Romain and Adrien soon as well!

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