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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

poecile: Poetry in a bottle

Poécile: It is the name of a charming little bird found in French gardens - and the perfect name for a company all about beauty traveling effortlessly through the air. Its inspiring owner created every detail with intention.

If you have followed me for a while, you know that my greatest passion is experiencing what is unique and special about each region of France. (And of course, sharing it with you!). All of my senses ignite when I travel, and I feel truly alive. When I met Léa Chonier, I instantly recognized her as a kindred spirit. She too is passionate about travel and the sensory delights that she discovers. Since childhood she has had a love of perfume, so she is especially tuned in to the beautiful aromas that surround her as she explores.

Passionate about her native region, Auvergne, Léa is convinced that France is full of treasures that must be transformed into complex and bewitching perfumes.

Léa is young, chic and inspiring. I first met her at the Made in France salon in Paris last fall. While passing her booth, I saw neat rows of little boxes, each dreamy and abstract like an impressionist painting, and I had to know more.

"Poécile vous invite à un voyage olfactif à travers les plus belles régions françaises" -

Like many millennials, she is charting her own path. She started out studying political science, then pursued business, but during the pandemic, at the young age of 25, she chose to reinvent herself and follow her passion. It was in the heart of her native Auvergne that Poécile was born. For three months, she rediscovered the treasured scents of her youth - oaky moss during a walk in the woods, the morning dew delicately deposited on the flowers and vegetables in her grandmother's garden ... She explored her region in a new way, delighting her senses. Poécile is a combination of her love of regions and perfume, and a way to help others experience new places without leaving home.

The Auvergne Countryside

Perfume is the ultimate accessory. You can use it to match (or change) your mood, or to transport you to where you might rather be: a trip to the seaside, or a walk through a field of wildflowers ... You may have to dress a certain way for work, but your fragrance is your personal choice - a secret escape.

"The olfactory adventure offered by Poécile aims to reveal our regions of France differently.”

Léa set out to create original, fresh and sparkling perfumes to those who want to wear perfume differently. Her approach is to place France at the heart of the creative process. On the one hand, by drawing inspiration from its territories and its flora to inspire perfumes, and on the other hand, by highlighting the French savoir-faire of women and men who are experts in their profession. She sought out a small team of perfume makers who appreciated her goals. Every part of her product is proudly Made in France - from the glass bottles to the wooden caps, and the packaging, which she designed, using superimposed photos from the region.

Where do you want to go today?

Eden Volcanique

It began, of course, with her home region of Auvergne and a scent that she calls Eden Volcanique. Every detail is well-thought out - the name a little bubble of well-being. Auvergne is rich and green, the land of dormant volcanos and lush forests. Léa and the Nez Parfumeur chez Maelstrom for Poécile, Patrice Revillard escort you on a wooded, fresh and comforting journey through the hills and valleys, enjoying the fresh, crisp air.

With each fragrance, there is a layer of aromas, starting with the tête or head.

HEAD (Tête)

Clary Sage Essential Oil, Pink Peppercorns

HEART (Coeur)

Narcissus Absolute from Auvergne, Mineral Notes


Notes of Undergrowth, Vetiver

Arcadie Florale

Escape to the heart of the landscapes of Provence, walk through the lavender fields and smile at the brightness of the wildflowers. Smell the honeyed notes of this large bouquet of dried flowers. Let yourself be lulled by the intoxicating song of the cicadas, embrace the warm and gentle caresses of the sun and revel in a dazzling fig.


Fig, Clary Sage Essential Oil


Wildflowers, Jasmine


Lavender Honey Accord, Amber

Hespérides Idylliques

A floral citrus inspired by the Côte d'Azur, its flowers and its orchards.

Stroll in the heart of the sunny streets of Menton, let yourself be soothed by the gentle lapping of the Riviera sea. Wander under the shrubs and contemplate this myriad of citrus fruits. Imagine the sweet scent of mimosa caressing your senses, feel the natural freshness of this zesty universe and enjoy a refreshing lemonade.


Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Verbena


Mimosa, Jasmine, Aquatic Notes, Limoncello Accord


Musks, Calisson Accord, Ambrox

Bleu Asgard

Crisscross the green coasts of Brittany, gaze into the deep blue of the ocean, let yourself be lulled by the intoxicating Atlantic waves, watch the gushing foam settle on the Breton rocks, imagine the cuddly breeze delicately caressing your skin and appreciate the freshness of the sea spray.


Iodine notes, Cardamom, Pink peppercorns, Grapefruit


Seaweed absolute, Mineral notes


Papyrus, Ambergris Accord, Driftwood

So where do you want to go today? French Detours is delighted to be the first place in the US to get these special perfumes!

Léa has plans to continue her travels, but is keeping her next destination a secret. I love allowing the beautiful aromas to transport me to the various regions of the country I adore. The hardest part is choosing where to go. Bon Voyage!

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