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a taste of Normandy

Part Four of Four

Les Caramels d'isigny

Caramel is meant to be savored. Slowly. Just try to eat one quickly. Or while having a conversation. When you eat a caramel, you focus all of your attention on its gooey deliciousness.

Have you ever wondered what makes a caramel so decadent? BUTTER! And the butter that is produced by the famous Normandy Cows, is rich, creamy and indulgent.

When you arrive at the factory and boutique in Isigny, you find an interactive display that teaches you about the history and process of caramels. Did you know that this sweet confection was made because of a surplus of butter and cream?

Can you recognize a Normandy Cow from the other breeds?

They usually have a dark circle around their eyes. But what makes their milk so rich? Probably the fact that they eat the lush grass in the Normandy countryside! As with most things, when you respect nature and tradition, good things seem to happen! Whatever the reason, the butter and cream from Isigny is considered to be among the best in the world.

As you spend time in Normandy, you will no doubt enjoy butter, cream, and cheese. (Camembert is the probably the best known cheese here). Apples, of course, are a staple as well, and what goes better with apples than caramel?

The only thing left to decide is HOW you will enjoy your caramel: caramel popcorn, caramel bits in cookies, caramel spread, caramel drizzle, hard, sticky caramels or soft, chewy caramels? And then there are the flavors ....

Visit the factory store :


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(Online boutique available!)

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