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a season of change

There is a sudden shift that happens Labor Day weekend. The kids go back to school, and suddenly the sky is a slightly different shade of blue, and the rolling fields of green have softened to a shimmery gold. We can still have warm, sunny days, but they somehow feel different than the lazy days of summer. Fall is definitely a time of change.

September follows a different rhythm. You may be in a flurry of school activities, or be getting ready for your fall trip! As we are preparing to head to France as well, this blog is a quick read, dedicated to some changes of note. Bonne lecture!

La Boutique

We were delighted to partner with Quintessential Wines and the French-American Chamber of Commerce in August for a Sip & Shop event at our former Coquette Boutique. Chad Pobuda from Quintessential Wines brought amazing wines (and even Palmer Champagne!) to taste. The night was a huge success, and we thank everyone who came out!

Mark your calendars for an early Marché de Noël, which will take place November 11-12 at our former Coquette Boutique in Elko. (See our events page for all of the details). I will be coming directly from France, with great new, exclusive items! And of course we will have all of your favorite olive oils and other culinary delights. The new Lemon/Thyme olive oil was the crowd favorite this summer, and it certainly will pair well with fall vegetables as well.

Travel Updates

Everyone seems to be planning a trip these days! Quarantine is but a distant bad memory. Suitcases are dusted off, and frequent flier miles are being spent! As you may know, many areas are having a hard time accommodating the influx of tourists, so we have put together a list of tips.

  1. Plan your flights in advance, especially if you plan to use miles. It used to be that you could easily book a flight using miles about three months in advance, but those days, my friends, are gone! Don't forget that everyone has been saving their miles for 2-3 years now, so competition is fierce! Most airlines plan flight schedules 330 days out, so you can book your trip at that point. The amount of points required has gone way up in many cases, but you can still find deals if you are flexible. Search different dates or departure locations. For example, we are departing for Nice from Phoenix instead of Minneapolis to have fewer layovers and use less points, which is worth it for us! (Plus the longer transatlantic flight gives us more time to sleep!).

  2. World Cup Rugby will take place in France from September 9 to October 28th. Large crowds mean competition for rental cars, hotels and even restaurants, so plan accordingly! Traffic around Lyon is always a nightmare so we can only imagine ... (Click on World Cup Rugby for all of the details)

  3. Paris Olympics 2024 - While almost a year away, this event is already having an impact on travel. The entire city of Paris is getting prepped and beautified, so there is road construction and building projects throughout the city. And if you are planning your flights for 2024, you will want to plan ahead, even if Paris isn't your final destination. For the first time in history, the city of Nice will host the finale of the Tour de France bike race, making that also a popular destination. We have secured our flight already, choosing to go through London instead of Paris en route. (Click on Paris Olympics for all of the details)

  4. ETIAS - (European Travel Information & Authorization System) Starting in 2024, all tourists will have to register and pay a 7 euro fee in order to enter France, or one of 29 other countries, even for a short-term stay. This is not a visa, just a pre-authorization that will help these countries at border patrol (although it does not guarantee entry). It will be valid for 3 years, or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. The application process is not yet in effect. (Find all of the details by clicking ETIAS.)

  5. Air Tags - This tops the list of our all-time favorite travel items! These days everyone seems to know someone who has lost luggage, sometimes for weeks. Airlines are overwhelmed by the problem, so speedy fixes are few and far between! I recently watched state-by-state as my suitcase went from Atlanta to Minneapolis. I knew exactly when it landed and was able to pick it up before I was even contacted. Don't wait for your luggage horror story!

On parle de nous (in the news)

Stroll Mazazine - Val Vista Lakes - Gilbert, AZ

Speaking of magazines, I am thrilled that I will be a new contributor to MyFrenchLife Magazine- "where readers experience and better understand France beyond the cliché - rated the No. 2 website about France globally for a number of years now" - a perfect fit, non? I will have a series of twelve articles throughout the year, the first of which should appear at the end of October. I will post a link when the first article is published, but you can subscribe to either the free or paid versions by clicking below:

Coming this winter, our itineraries will be for sale as E-books on Amazon Kindle! Look for updates on our "Learn" page, or subscribe to our Newsletter to always be the first to know! Also coming soon, a new Burgundy video (on our YouTube channel) (@frenchdetours5338). and a new Burgundy self-guided itinerary.

With one last blissful look of summer, I wish you all an amazing fall!

Follow all of our escapades in France this fall on Instagram @frenchdetours.



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