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Travelers share an insatiable curiosity.  The iconic sites of France may draw you in, but as magnificent as they are, you are left wondering "what else is there?"  You want to experience what made the locals coin the phrase "joie de vivre" - how do you find that?  Take a Detour with me!

We all have different comfort levels when it comes to travel abroad:


We love to explore, but can we get a little help?
Can you just bring us where we need to go?  
Let's grab a car and hit the road!

Over time we will explore all 13 regions, discovering the unique flavors each one has to offer.  As Americans we totally get that Seattle is vastly different from Florida.  Although France is about the size of Texas, it has the same diversity.  It's truly unbelievable.   I am often surprised by how fast the landscape changes.  Time and time again I see something completely unexpected.  I mean really, a gigantic sand dune?   I want to see every square meter of this amazing country - and share the best of each region with you.  (Click on the regions in bold to go to their pages - more regions coming soon!)

While there are tons of websites telling you the major tourist sites not to be missed, I strive to give you a more personal view.  I want you to experience authentic France - the things that locals love - the hidden secrets, sometimes deliberately kept from tourists!  

When you return from your trip, you will of course have photos and ticket stubs from the iconic sites, but I am guessing your favorite memories will come from experiences that open up all of your senses.   There is a feeling of childlike wonder when you step into an artisan's workshop, wander through a medieval village or take in the tastes and smells of the local market.   I will lead you there.


On y va? 

"I love to explore and taste and imagine" - Oliver Sacks 





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