ateliers Brizepierre

 Meet Hervé & Pascaline Brisepierre

Her:  mastery, dexterity, excellence

Him:  observation, inventive, creative imagination

A cabinet maker and a landscape architect, their unique pieces of art stepping out of the mainstream is the fruit of an unusual partnership


Of similar backgrounds but each of a different nature, these two children of Morocco work in their individual way to give us these exceptional pieces, representing a combination of skill and limitless imagination.  Inspired by an untiring attention to nature, their work speaks of the resonance of matter, of freedom and of the perennial aspect of life, and that is what touches us ... 

Working with raw materials, respecting the environment, they deliver an original expression of poetry, nature and life.  

Their first expressive element is wood - the piece they work on evokes the tree's life, the very fiber resulting from the changes of wind, sun, rain and duration of the seasons - the passing incidences that hollow out and mould the trunk.  The span of the materials they choose is immense - they use countless bits and pieces collected and recycled here and there:  fruit pits, old jewelry, piano cords, bits of wood, bone, bolts, horn...

The smaller pieces serve as a sketch book to find new motifs, new forms and techniques, and also new inspirations.  Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

lazy susans

BombShell jewelry

Boards and headboards