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Bridge St Benezet Avignon

"Sur le pont d'Avignon,

l'on y danse

l'on y danse..."

The famous bridge of Avignon

Le Pont

St Bénézet


Le Pont St Bénézet or The Pont d'Avignon is probably what most people think of when visiting Avignon.  While you don't have to dance on it, it is definitely worth a walk!  

Next head to the Palais des Papes, or the Papal Palace.  The largest Gothic palace in the west, this is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.   Enter the world of the  Popes in the 1300’s and discover their daily life and the splendour of their world as you visit many different rooms.


Behind the Palais des Papes, located on the heights of the Rocher des Dom in the center of Avignon is the Jardin des Doms.  This landscaped garden offers excellent views from the Rhone to Mont Ventoux.  

Avignon is a walled city, and parking is outside of the ramparts.  It is easily walkable, but I recommend taking le petit train for an overview.  It is easy to find near the Palais des Papes.   You get a lovely tour of the city and can strategically plan your steps for the day!  

Le Comptoir de Mathilde is rustic elegance dipped in chocolate!  This chocolate shop lures me in every time with its chalkboards, pallets and of course, tastings!  Find them at 32 rue de la Balance.  You won't regret it!   Besides, you can walk the ramparts for 2.7 miles afterward.  

There is a covered Market every day except Monday in Les Halles from 6 am to 1:30 pm (2 pm on weekends). We hate to miss a market!

If you are looking for more UNESCO World Heritage Sites, continue to the nearby town of Orange to see the Roman Theatre and the Triumphal Arch. Continue on to the Pont du Gard aqueduct - perhaps for a picnic!  

A bit outside of Avignon, mosaic artist Valérie Nicoladzé will open her workshop to you on appointment:  Esprit Mosaïque, 10 rue du compagnonnage, 30133 Les Angles

Stay and Savor

Place de l'Horloge, or Clock Tower Square, is in the heart of Avignon.  It's here that you will find restaurants and cafés, but the clock isn't really visible from the square!  

Hotel d'Europe ***** has a wonderful location in the center of town, providing not only exceptional views, but luxury accommodations, and a gourmet restaurant.  

La Mirande ***** could be the perfect setting for a French Donwton Abbey equivalent.   No expenses were spared to carefully restore what had survived from the past and to replenish, where necessary, the features of the age of enlightenment for the revival of a nobleman’s townhouse in the 18th century. 

Hotel de l'Horloge **** is located right in the city center and couldn't be more convenient or comfortable.  

Palais des Papes Avignon

Palais des Papes


Cathédrale Notre Dame des Doms

Restaurant Avignon

La Mirande 

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